Ex-President Kuchma Names Major Mistakes Over Years Of Ukraine's Independence

KIEV, Ukraine -- The former president regrets that the ousted Ukrainian ex-president, Viktor Yanukovych, was allowed to usurp power in 2010.

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has named three major mistakes made by the Ukrainian state over the years of independence, that is giving up nuclear weapons, losing a historic chance amid the Orange Revolution, and letting Viktor Yanukovych usurp power.

"We abandoned nuclear weapons and signed off the Budapest Memorandum without actual security guarantees from all great powers.

We (I and the previous government that developed the document) were not ready for the fact that in world politics such a promise may be empty, that such hypocrisy and cynicism are possible," he told RFE/RL's Ukrainian bureau on August 23.

The former president also added that the nation's energy had been wasted to no avail after the 2004 Maidan.

"The government didn't use the energy of the nation after the Orange Revolution and neglected manpower and economic policies in 2005-2006. This led not only to the shameful fall in growth rate, but also to despair and apathy among people. The historic chance was then lost," Kuchma said.

The official also regrets that in 2010 Yanukovych was allowed to usurp power.

This resulted in "violence over the Constitution, abolition of political reform, signing of the Kharkiv accords [the agreement between Ukraine and Russia on the extension of Russian Black Sea Fleet stay in Ukraine], and rejection of association with the European Union."

"Had public resistance begun exactly amid that actual coup, perhaps its consequences would not have been so severe," Kuchma summed up.

First President of the independent Ukraine (1991-1994), Leonid Kravchuk, earlier described the situation in Ukraine as a systemic crisis.

According to him, the country is experiencing political, economic, social, military and security system crisis, which leads to very complex consequences for people's lives.

Source: UNIAN


I. Nicholas said…
It's great to talk about the failures of others. Why didn't Kuchma address the three major issues, when he was President?
skyscraper said…
As we know well Nicholas, Greed and Power mongoring left uncontrolled will suck the life blood out of the hosts, the Ukrainian Society
skyscraper said…
You're doing a Great Job allowing people to stay informed with this Blof Site of the current situations in Ukraine Nichloas
grycar said…
Ukraine's demise is greatly overrated.

Or the stupid should not garner our obedience and respect at all.

Ukraine is neither poor, weak nor desperate even though it may seem this way from the ravings of dependents, the unintelligent and lovers of bondage.

Since 2014, Ukraine changed its parliament for the better and grew a powerful national Army to defend it.

The Army is 75% volunteer and not dependent on the Government for its existence and support.

The Government and its president is in fear of the Nation and its Army which is a moral predicate in that it is the way things should be.

The Ukrainian State is a National state and finally free.

Ukraine has talent resources and freedom and as such is capable of great creativity and wealth outside of begging for it or surrendering it for a false security.

Sevchenko was correct in both his analysis, conclusions and advice to his countrymen over 150 years ago and is the father of modern Ukrainian Nationalism.

Mixnovsky took Shevchenko's idiology, plan, and made it a political movemen
33 years after Shevchenko's death

Perhaps we should listen to him and not the satraps of slavery ignorance and stupidity.

An idea is always a plan that is made eminent by empirical witness.