Putin's Rating Falls To Level Recorded Before Start Of Aggression Against Ukraine

MOSCOW, Russia -- According to sociologists, the drop was due to the recent car fuel price hikes and the latest announcement of pension reform.

The rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin from June 10 to 17 decreased from 62% to 54%, according to the Public Opinion Foundation.

Now, according to the organization, it is at its lowest since 2013, Meduza reports.

VTsIOM sociologists have released their data claiming that the rate of approval of Putin's performance fell from 77% on June 10 to 72% on June 17.

VTsIOM also recorded a decrease in the level of approval of the prime minister and government's performance.

According to Russian sociologists, the drop in the ratings of Russian authorities was affected by the recent car fuel price hike and the announcement of pension reform.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the recent question and answer "direct line" with Putin was the least watched since 2011.

Source: UNIAN


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