Donbass Warlord Zakharchenko Threatens To Shoot UN Peacekeepers If Mission Deployed Ukraine's Way

DONBASS, Ukraine -- Zakharchenko noted that militants supported Russia's proposal to introduce "blue helmets" only on the line of contact with the aim of protecting OSCE mission.

Self-proclaimed leader of the so-called "DPR" pro-Russian militants, Alexander Zakharchenko, says the UN peacekeepers will "turn into targets" if they aer deployed in Donbass on the scenario proposed by Ukraine.

"Without the agreement with the DPR / LPR, the UN mission will not enter, otherwise, if they want to come in in line with the Ukrainian scenario, they will turn into targets. The more opponents, the easier it is to shoot them – you do not need to aim," the militant leader said during a question-and-answer direct line, according to a Twitter user Necro Mancer.

In addition, he noted that the militants support Russia's proposal to have the "blue helmets" deployed only on the line of contact, and only to protect the OSCE mission.

Source: UNIAN


I. Nicholas said…
It's obvious that Zakharchenko and his Russian buddies do not want the UN to see what's going on in Eastern Ukraine.
grycar said…
I am not convinced that Russia does not
want the UN to see what is going on
simply because they can use all the help
they can in Eastern Ukraine to disengage
and currently cannot.

For Russia, Zakharchenko and his Ilk is a
major problem and a lost war.
Plus, a huge money pit which he
cannot sustain much longer.

However, Zakharchenko and his ilk need to sustain
their actions as long as the can for existential
reasons knowing that there will be no amnesty for
them and no escape into Russia.