Mother’s Day In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Mother's Day is a new holiday for our country. In Ukraine, it is customary to honor women during another holiday - International Women's Day.

But a few years ago, Ukraine joined to a number of countries in which this holiday is celebrated regularly.

Originally this holiday had absolutely other value.

In 1928 in Canada Mother's Day was celebrated in the Union of Ukrainian Women.

After this, the traditions of the Mother's Day were borrowed by the women of Galicia.

The original essence of the holiday was the celebration of the Mother of God, who is considered to be the patroness and protector of Ukrainians and mother Ukraine.

A mother-woman was revered by our ancestors, as a keeper of a home, family and a reliable guard for our entire people.

As Mother's Day is celebrated in the warm season, there are many opportunities and options for celebrating it.

Celebrations are held in the main squares and streets of the country.

Usually, on this day, children congratulate all mothers, on the streets you can see drawings on the asphalt, hear the singing of children from the scenes of parks and concert halls.

In accordance with the Laws of Ukraine, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

Source: Family Nest