World's Biggest Plane Leaves Ukraine For First Commercial Mission After Modernization

KIEV, Ukraine -- The world's biggest plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, took to the skies Tuesday from Kiev Antonov airport outside the Ukrainian capital for its first commercial mission since modernization.

The world's biggest plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, gets ready to take off from an airport outside Kiev, Ukraine, April 3, 2018. 

The Ukraine-built plane has left Kiev for a flight to Leipzig, Germany, from where it will make a commercial mission.

Hundreds of people of different ages lined up around Kiev Antonov airport to witness the rare flight of the giant aircraft.

According to local media reports, during its commercial mission, the An-225 will deliver heavy cargo from Germany to Asian countries.

The An-225 Mriya, designed by Antonov in late 1980s, is the longest and the heaviest airplane ever built.

Powered by six turbofan engines, the aircraft is capable of carrying up to 640 tons of cargo.

During the recent modernization, the aircraft was fitted with a new navigation system and some new electronic equipment.

Last month, Mriya carried out a test flight to ensure that everything was working properly.

Since being put into service about 30 years ago, Mriya has set 240 aviation records.

Source: Xinhua


I. Nicholas said…
Several years ago, I flew on the Mrya from New York to Kiev. This plane is absolutely amazing. When you are inside, you are dwarfed by its gigantic size. If Ukrainians can design and built this plane, they can do anything. All they have to do is stop the corruption.
grycar said…
Ukraine is a strong and talented nation as empirically witnessed.

As to corruption, a Soviet burden that will not last.
I. Nicholas said…
George, I don't think that we will see the end of corruption, in our lifetime.
Unknown said…
The goal should be 99% corruption extermination but as most of us knows it will remain the goal for near future. The real, the achievable level of corruption in Ukraine should be targeted as the number eight list corrupt out of 180 countries.
grycar said…
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