Ukraine's Air Defense Forces On Alert Because Of Russian Provocations At Crimea Border

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's air defense forces have been put on alert after the Air Force of Ukraine on March 22 detected provocative actions by the air unit of the Russian Aerospace Forces along the eastern and southern airspace borders of Ukraine for the second time within a month.

A Russian Su-27 also flew along the coastline of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Russian fighter and bomber aircraft carried out flights from the airfields of Shaykovka, Krymsk and Belbek and closely approached the state border of Ukraine, the administrative border between the mainland of Ukraine and Russian-occupied Crimea, Ukraine's Air Force Command reported on Facebook on March 22.

They also approached as close as 40 kilometers to the coastline of the Black Sea and further flew along the coastline of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

"In addition, a group of long-range strategic Tu-22 strike bombers, fully equipped with ammunition, flew in the airspace of Crimea, the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. They were accompanied by a couple of Su-30 fighters. The aircraft trained certain conditional targets for striking. Such an action of the Russian Federation's air unit is primarily a reaction to the next phase of the command and staff training conducted by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The other goal of [the Russian air unit] was to train a conditional blockade of the Bosporus Strait," the report said.

Having identified the threat posed by the aggressor country, all involved air defense forces of Ukraine were put on alert to fight back in case the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation are engaged.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now on duty around the clock.

"The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine constantly fulfills certain tasks to protect the territorial integrity of the state jointly with other troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, counter armed aggression against Ukraine from the air and cover critical government facilities, troops from [possible] air strikes by the enemy," the Ukrainian Air Force Command added.

Source: UNIAN


grycar said…
Where there is a problem there is always an opportunity.

Or, he who lasts wins.

In the end all about Nations, Empires and demographics.
grycar said…
Perhaps, however, I do not recall any plans by Ukraine to
invade Russia at all.

At the same time Ukraine has a nation and Russia does not.

Ukraine has a powerful national Army that stopped the
best that Russia had with a then
much smaller weaker army.

You are correct in that Ukraine presents
no existential threat to Russia at all.

China and the Moslem population in Russia does.

Russian current behavior is sad in that it is
unproductive for Russian survival and contrary
to all logic and reason.

More specifically, Russia is dying demographically,
has no industry and no economy.

That this is not good should be self evident.

Are the Ukrainian Nationalists pleased by what is
taking place in Russia?

I do not think so, but are helpless to prevent it.

Currently, the only issue is Russia surviving
and not Ukraine at all.