Stunning Blonde Who Fixed Lonely Brits Up With Ukrainian Brides Faces 12 Years In Jail For Blackmail Scam

CHERKASY, Ukraine -- A STUNNING blonde who helped set lonely Brits up with Ukrainian brides is facing 12 years in prison after allegedly blackmailing her employer.

Ukrainian Inna Y. is accused of hacking her employer's website to extorting over £30,000 out of them.

The mother-of-two, named only as 31-year-old Inna Y., worked for a US company running several matchmaking websites.

Inna was responsible for translating the messages between the Ukrainian women and their wealthy Western suitors.

She was also responsible for coordinating the delivery of flowers and other gifts sent to the women from their admirers.

But Inna is accused of hacking the website she worked for twice, taking it offline each time and demanding huge sums of money to set it live again.

In the first cyber attack, Inna allegedly demanded £2,850 (100,000 UAH) from her employers, before pulling the same stunt a year later, when she reportedly wanted £28,500 (1,000,000 UAH).

Both times, IT experts at the New York-based unnamed firm were unable to fix the problem, and were forced to pay the anonymous hacker the full sums in bitcoins.

But the matchmaking enterprise, which has offices in 32 countries, pinpointed their hacker's location to the Ukrainian city of Cherkasy, where Inna lives.

Local police were contacted, who identified the blonde beauty as a suspect due to her links to the company.

Yes more suspicious was that Inna had recently come into enough money to open/launch a new business venture, a children's entertainment centre.

Inna Y. is currently under house arrest, accused of hacking and extortion.

If found guilty she will face up to 12 years imprisonment, and could have her property confiscated. 

Source: The Sun