“A Knife In The Back” Of Kiev: Canada Refuses To Support Ukraine

OTTAWA, Canada -- Canada for a long time was one of the most loyal allies of the post-Maidan Kiev due to the strong Ukrainian Diaspora in this country of NATO.

Now, nevertheless, even there the mood changed dramatically and Petro Poroshenko waiting for a new “zrada” from Western partners.

A strong Ukrainian lobby in the Parliament of Canada guaranteed the full support of the Kiev authorities.

As noted by RN, Ottawa yet what was the last truly loyal sponsor and ally of Ukraine.

However, the ongoing civil war, the growing level of corruption and the lowering of the standard of living in the country and the adoption of nationalist reforms forced its former partners to reflect on whether the allocation of aid unreliable Ukrainian authorities.

And this despite the fact that the canadian party with the approval refers to the two first Ukrainian Maidan and Poroshenko there for some time regarded as the “Savior” of the country and protector of the interests of the West at the borders of the Russian Federation.

Growing dissatisfaction with Kiev recently noted popular Ukrainian journalist Vakhtang Kipiani, known for his support of nationalism in the country.

In his recent address to the nation he spoke about his recent visit to Toronto and said that soon they expect a deterioration in relations with Canada.

According to Ukrainian journalist, from Canadians of Ukrainian descent now do not expect support because they are disappointed it was Ukraine because of the actions of corrupt politicians.

It is noted that citizens of Canada do not want to fight for the independence of the country, who do not appreciate this support and do not do anything to solve their problems.

Kipiani noted that ordinary citizens and political figures of their Western ally will soon be able to meet the expectations of Ukrainians and abandon their support.

However, in accordance with the new principles radikalisering companies, the response to this message was extremely negative towards foreign “traitors”.

Sharply criticized Canadians as simple inhabitants, and policy of Kiev.

This is a reference to the last allies can be expensive modern Ukraine, which has already launched the third Maidan.

The government denies the truth about itself and the situation in the country at the time, as events develop not in their favor.

It’s annoying to have all unreliable partners, realized that after the second Maidan, they supported the wrong side in the conflict.

They do pay for it should not want and may soon leave Poroshenko and his team in the lurch.

Source: micetimes