South Sudan Rebels Slam Ukraine Over Weapons Sale To South Sudan Government

PAGAK, South Sudan -- In what has been described as a “controversial move,” the South Sudanese main rebel movement (SPLM/A-IO) under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar has criticized some European countries, saying, “Some first world nations with third world mentality have been supplying Juba’s genocidal regime with deadly weapons.”

South Sudan’s Dr. Riek Machar

The armed opposition also blasted Egypt, asserting, “Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is now a sworn brother of M7.”

The SSNA is aware that “M7” is an assertive portrayal of the current Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni when he was a rebel leader.

The accusation comes months after the United Nations and some international arms control groups exposed Ukraine as one of the main suppliers of weapons and ammunition to South Sudanese government.

Documents leaked to the South Sudan News Agency by a United Nations diplomatic source revealed that UN and some Westerns countries were fully aware of Uganda’s involvement in the scheme.

The source alleged that Former US President Barack Obama refused to act, allowing Kampala to “fly freely over Washington.”

“To make the story short, Former American leader (President Barack Obama] basically allowed Ugandan President to fly freely over Washington,” the UN source alleged.

The assertion, according to two South Sudanese legal analysts, shows how Ugandan President Museveni managed to deceive Western countries.

“When we come to South Sudan civil war, the West under Obama was technically a sworn supporter of Museveni. They accept anything Museveni tells them,” one legal analyst told the South Sudan News Agency.

“All the major European leaders [UK, Germany, and France] were not convinced by Obama’s foreign policy towards South Sudan, but they decided to accept US foreign policy on South Sudan,” the source added.

The documents also show that a central European country fighter jet pilot who has been identified as “Tibor Czingali,” deliberately bombs the armed opposition outposts.

Czingali is believed to be operating in the northern Ugandan city of Gulu, according to the documents. 

“Ukraine is fairly a first world nation with a third world mentality,” SPLA-IO’s Maj. General, Khor Chuol Giet told the South Sudan News Agency in Pagak.

The documents also indicated that Kiev managed to supply Juba with modern weapons and ammunition with help from Kampala. “…, 3,000 S8 rockets for Russian-made Mi-24 attack helicopters, 5,000 rounds of T-55 tank ammunition, 12,000 RPG-7 rounds, 30 T-55 tanks, 20 ZU-23 anti-aircraft weapons, 10,000 122-mm M21OF rockets, 20 million rounds of 7.62X39mm ammunition, 50, 000 AK-47 assault rifles, and 10 BM-21 “Grad” rocket systems,” were delivered to Juba through Kampala’s help, the documents claim.

James Moises, a Former Ugandan intelligence officer who has been widely credited for exposing Kampala-juba’s secrets dismissed the news as “too old,” suggesting that the world should wait for what he described as “the mother of all secrets.”

“The European and USA leaders love Museveni. They love him too much. But they have no idea about the fact that Uganda is run by a President who is the ring leader of all East African dictators,” Moises declared.

Moises calls SSNA’s report an “old news.”

“I am tired of this old news, they are too old. Just wait for the mother of all secrets about South Sudan civil war,” he said.

Last month, Moises described the West as a Uganda’s client willing to accept anything Museveni tells them about South Sudan’s armed conflict.

Rebel military Major General Khor calls on the African Union and the United Nations to scrutinize what he described as “foreign anti-Nuer activists who gladly accept bribes from Juba to look the other way.”

Source: South Sudan News Agency