Russia Deploys 'Flame-Throwers' To Militant-Held Areas In Eastern Ukraine - Intel

KIEV, Ukraine -- Deadly TOS-1 Buratino rocket system spotted in Luhansk. Russia has deployed a heavy multiple launch thermobaric rocket system - TOS-1 Buratino - to the occupied territories of the Luhansk region, the intelligence department of Ukraine's Defence Ministry reports.

TOS-1'Buratino' heavy flamethrower systems

This type of weapon spreads and ignites a flammable liquid over its target, causes indiscriminate and terrible damage.

Only Russia produces the system and it was not exported to Ukraine before the conflict broke out, according to IHS Jane's Group and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which track arms exports.

TOS-1 Buratino and three 122mm multiple rocket launchers Grad were delivered by train from Russia to the city of Sverdlovsk (Sverdlovsk repair-mechanical plant), in the Luhansk region.

Ukrainian intelligence officers also say that Russian regular Air Force and Air Defence servicemen (from the Russian city of Sieveromorsk) serve in the air force units operating in the occupied territories of Donetsk region. 

The Ukrainian party informed the OSCE monitors about tanks, self-propelled guns and Grad rocket launchers that are stationed in the city of Donetsk.

Source: Ukraine Today


George Woloshyn said…
This is a very serious development. Weapons such as these cause asphyxiation by sucking all the oxygen out of a certain area, and could be a game-changer (to Russia's advantage) along the whole trench-line in which soldiers are sheltered in trenches and underground dug-outs.

If Ukraine has ANY capability to quickly develop such a weapon, it should do so with utmost speed to serve as a deterrent to its use. If not, then now is the time to launch pre-emptive attacks in search and destroy missions to destroy these systems before they are used. If Ukraine has been able to train sufficient special forces - they should be deployed with a top priority of blowing these monsters up before they can be used, or to identify them for aerial or artillery attack.....regardless of where they are located. The only weapon worse than thermobaric is a nuclear device, and Ukraine can not remain passive in the face of potential enemy use.