Ukraine Is Heating Up Again

LUHANSK, Ukraine -- Russian tanks and men are reportedly rolling into Ukraine again, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin met with top military officials to discuss the "deterioration of the situation" in the east of the country.

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Ukraine says a convoy made up of 32 tanks, 16 howitzer cannons, and 30 trucks of troops and equipment crossed the border into the rebel-controlled Luhansk region, Sky News reports.

"The deployment continues of military equipment and Russian mercenaries to the front lines," Ukraine military spokesman Colonel Andriy Lysenko said in a televised briefing.

Andrei Purgin, deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, said the Ukrainian army had launched "all-out war" on rebel positions, the Russian news agency RIA said.

Kiev denied this, saying the army remained in agreed positions.

"We refute these allegations ... we're strictly fulfilling the Minsk memorandum (on a cease-fire)," Ukrainian military spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov told Reuters by telephone.

The fighting is along the fault lines that have been extended by Russian-backed separatists over the last two months.

Russia is also charging Ukraine with deliberately shelling a school, although The Interpreter reports that Moscow has not provided evidence and public information does not point to Ukraine military positions.

Representatives of the separatist regions earlier put out a joint statement calling for a redrafting of the Minsk deal, which established a cease-fire in exchange for Kiev granting "special status" to eastern territories.

Rebels say Ukraine has violated the deal by seeking to revoke a law that would have granted eastern regions autonomy.

Kiev says this was a consequence of Sunday's separatist leadership elections, which it says go against the agreement.

At least 4,000 people have died during the conflict.

Source: Business Insider


Unknown said…
Quote: "Позиция Москвы по выборам в самопровозглашенных ДНР и ЛНР выражена словами МИД «уважаем», но они не значат «признаем», заявил помощник президента РФ Юрий Ушаков."

Mr. Ushakov and Mr. Putin you whether recognize elections in DNR and LNR or you do not, and you should act accordingly.
You can not be a little pregnant, you whether pregnant or you are not.
At the moment your actions confirmed that you 100% recognized those illegal elections.
You can not mislead the world.
Unknown said…
Quote: "Четвертый месяц горняки пишут письма Президенту, в Кабмин, оббивают пороги высоких кабинетов, даже успели помитинговать с товарищами по несчастью из профсоюзов атомщиков и машиностроителей под стенами Кабмина 14 октября – все без толку. Пять шахт Дзержинска (35-тысячный город в 55 км на север от Донецка) дают 60% всего бюджета города. С августа более четырех тысяч здешних работников не получили ни копейки. Люди уверены – их предприятия искусственно остановили. Об этом пишет «КП в Украине»."

«Можно сказать в городе сейчас зреет настоящий голодный бун. Работников и их семьи полностью оставили без средств к существованию. На последнем собрании люди жаловались, что у них уже отключают свет, отопление за неуплату, банки угрожают штрафами за просроченные платежи по кредитам, - рассказывает Щербань. – Тут прямое нарушение ст. 113 КЗОТа Украины, где прописано, что при вынужденном простое предприятия не по вине сотрудников, им должны выплатить 2/3 тарифной ставки. Исходя из этого, за сентябрь шахтерам задолжали 7,5 миллионов грн, за октябрь – 9,5 миллионов грн».

Such issues must be addressed as soon as possible. This is not the way to treat population on Government controlled territories of DonBas.