Ukraine Woman Posts Selfies With Mascara 'Looted' From Malaysia Airlines rash

DONETSK, Ukraine -- The young pro-Russia woman boasted of using makeup from downed Flight MH17. An uproar ensued on the Internet and the Instagram account was taken down. Looters also reportedly swiped credit cards from at least one passenger at the crash site.

Russian sympathiser, Ekaterina Parkhomenko, used makeup looted from a dead passenger of downed Flight MH17.

This beauty is actually a beast.

An Ukrainian woman with pro-Russia beliefs posted pictures on Instagram of herself wearing makeup that she bragged was looted from debris of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight.

“Mascara from Amsterdam, or rather from the field,” Ekaterina Parkhomenko wrote to her Instagram followers.

“Well, I think you know what I mean.”

A self-described “separatist,” Parkhomenko noted that she did not collect the Catrice brand makeup herself.

She wrote that it was given to her by a “familiar friend.”

That claim did nothing to stem the uproar triggered by her photos.

One Instagram poster called her “complete scum.”

“It is sick, completely sick,” another commenter wrote.

Well known Russian blogger Bozhena Rysnka blasted Parkhomenko, comparing her to an hungry dog.

“It is lower than low to pick up mascara from the deceased,” she wrote on Facebook, according to London’s Daily Mail.

She’s “simply an animal, like a dog that gets a pack of biscuits falling from the sky.

Can you be angry with a dog for eating it?”

Before deleting her account, Parkhomenko wrote:

“I am just sick of all this Ukrainian stuff. Sick and terribly furious.”

It appears makeup isn’t the only type of item in the wreckage that looters were gunning for.

The furor over Parkhomenko’s pics erupted as a family member of a South African man aboard the doomed plane revealed that his credit cards had been stolen at the crash site and used by thieves.

A brother-in-law of Cameron Dalziel — a 43-year-old helicopter rescue pilot who was traveling on a British passport — called the thievery “cruel” and “disgusting.” 

“We’ve been told some of his cards were stolen,” Shane Hattingh told The Sun newspaper.

“After all we’ve been through — to do this to the families is so cruel. It is leaving some struggling for money. This really is the final insult. It is disgusting.”

A total of 298 people were killed after the Malaysia Airlines Flight was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17.

A team of Dutch experts is probing the cause of the crash, with heavy suspicion falling on the pro-Russian rebels who control the region.

The failure to secure the crash site has turned into an international fiasco.

Australia on Friday said it’s close to finalizing a deal with Ukraine to send troops to protect the scene.

“This is a humanitarian mission ... with a clear and simple objective: to bring them home,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters.

“Others can engage in the politics of eastern Europe. All we want to do is to claim our dead and to bring them home.”

Source: New York Daily News