Pro-Russian Brutality Against Pro-Ukrainians In East Ukraine

DONETSK, Ukraine -- Events in eastern Ukraine are becoming progressively more unstable with each passing day.

Pro-Russian goons brutaly attack a pro-Ukrainian protester during a peaceful pro-Ukrainian rally in the eastern city of Donetsk.

Pro-Russian separatists have now seized government buildings in at least 10 cities throughout the eastern part of the country.

The mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, was shot in the back by pro-Russian activists.

All the while, journalists throughout eastern Ukraine routinely face intimidation amid the threat of kidnapping and assault.

In the city of Donetsk, Pro-Ukrainian activists took to the streets to protest against the creeping Russian takeover.

Pro-Russian activists responded violently, beating protestors with clubs and other makeshift weapons.

Yelling "Donetsk is Ukraine" and waving Ukrainian flags, the march was making its way through the city of Donetsk when it was charged by attackers armed with baseball bats and fire-crackers.

Video coming out of Donetsk shows fierce violence from the rally, including a clip showing a man carrying a Ukrainian flag being brutally beaten up by several militants wielding large sticks.

Police officers eventually drove off the assailants, while the injured man was carried away.

The footage also shows dozens of photographers and cameramen documenting the incident amid the chaos.

The U.S. embassy in Kiev denounced the attacks as an act of terrorism.

Source: Business Insider