Ukraine: Computer Games Inspired By Kiev Protests

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's anti-government rallies have inspired a slew of new computer games, it appears.

A version of the game is free to play online.

At least five games have been released based on the dramatic events in Kiev, Ukrainian website The Insider reports.

One of the games - Angry Ukrainians - resembles the popular app Angry Birds, and features protesters battling riot police, officials and hired heavies.

It also invites gamers to topple a statue of Lenin, in reference to similar events in Kiev in December.

A different version of a game with the same name was also posted on the Reborn Ukraine website.

"A night on Maidan" takes place in the main protest camp in Kiev's Independence Square, also known as Maidan.

It's main character is a Kalashnikov-wielding soldier who defends the camp against attackers. 

Maidan square, riot police, protesters and their adversaries from the pro-government camp also feature in "EuroMaidan".

"Yanukovych: Prison 3D" shows the Ukrainian president in prison, which might reflect the wishes of the pro-EU demonstrators, or be a reference to President Viktor Yanukovych's two criminal convictions (both now quashed, according to the government).

Thousands of demonstrators have been gathered in the Ukrainian capital since November, when the government rejected further integration with the EU in favour of closer ties with Russia.

Source: BBC News