Ukraine: 2014 Ushered In By President – And Protesters

KIEV, Ukraine -- In his televised New Year address, Ukraine’s embattled President Viktor Yanukovych said 2013 was perhaps the most difficult year in the country’s history since independence in 1991.

Viktor Yanukovych

But he also hailed progress, saying that talks, political argument and dialogue as well as the ongoing protests would lead to understanding and national strength.

In Independence Square in Kiev, more than 100,000 of his opponents gathered to beckon in a new year they hope will bring political change.

Boxing champion turned politician Vitaly Klitschko is leading calls for Ukraine to turn to Europe rather than Russia, the President’s chosen partner.

“We are certain that this year, in 2014, we will be able to change the authorities,” he said.

“We will be able to build a team, and as people are now demanding, this team will nominate a single, joint candidate who will win the elections.”

A new opinion poll by the local Democratic Initiative foundation showed that, if a presidential election was held now, Yanukovych would lose in a second round run-off to Klitschko, or indeed to any of several other opposition leaders.

The next scheduled presidential election is in 2015.

Source: euronews


Igor Skakovsky said…
United Ukraine is the only way to be. It is obvious to me that EU and Russia are working on splitting Ukraine in halve or three parts. It is so clear and unmistakable work up to the point of no return. The situation is getting heated up under the silenced OK from the biggest player USA. The Ukraine in hands of Ukrainians, be wise, do not let the big guys to screw up a country of 46 million people. Stay strong and united no meter what provocateurs on both sides will do. This fight is not about West verses East it is about Ukraine surviving as country. EU had all the chances to reassure Ukraine of financial support when Russia's protectionism being exposed but, they didn't; Russia on the other hand had a chance to find a solution to the threat of EU products but, it didn't. US on the other hand could pressure IMF to secure another trench of loans to prevent Ukraine from kneeling to Russia but, they didn't.
People of Ukraine make your own conclusions but, what ever you do, who ever you support, whether you are from the Western Ukraine and believe that it is better to suffer hard ship than leave in country with human rights abuses, or whether you are from the East and believe that it is better to straggle longer under discrimination but know that you have job Tomorrow and things will get better one day, STAY UNITED for the sake of Ukraine. This is first time in the history Ukraine exist in its current borders but, it is not the first time Ukrainian people have to suffer. SLAVA UKRAINY, SLAVA GEROYAM. Ukraine stay united and prevent the bigger suffering that is being carefully prepared for you buy big guys. Some of them have direct interest to see Ukraine to be divided and some have "bigger fish to fry" and would simply do nothing to prevent the division of a country.