President Yanukovych Highlights Ukraine's Results In 2013, Outlines Plans For 2014

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has congratulated Ukrainians on the New Year holiday, highlighted the results of 2013 and outlined plans for 2014.

Viktor Yanukovych

Speaking in a televised address to the nation in the early hours of January 1, Yanukovych said he believes that 2013 was a year of progress for Ukrainians.

"It is a difficult, probably the most difficult year in the history of independent Ukraine. It was the year of achievements and challenges, frustrations and new hopes. In the long run, 2013 became a year of progress for us. Through maidans [protest rallies on central squares in big cities] and national panel discussions, political arguments and sincere dialogue we are moving the way of mutual understanding and national consolidation," he said.

"I am confident that economic troubles and political discord of the past year have only tempered us. It is our experience, our lessons and our common historical examinations. In 2013, despite all challenges, we have decently passed the examination of our state maturity," he said.

Focusing on its national interests, Ukraine continues moving the way of building the European Ukraine, the way of deep economic modernization and gradual improvement of the quality of people's life.

"Gradual policy of social justice based on presidential social initiatives is a guarantee of irreversibility of this path," Yanukovych said.

Ukraine continues working over the Association Agreement with the European Union, the country has restored the relations of friendship and brotherhood with Russia, and has made a true breakthrough in the relations with China.

"We ensure an efficient balance between East and West without giving up our national interests. These steps give us a real opportunity to look ahead confidently preserving high social standards and directing the necessary resources at the accelerated development of competitive national production in 2014," Yanukovych said.

"I believe that we have enough wisdom and experience, love and kindness to leave the distrust and conflicts in the past and move the way of dialogue and understanding. Irrespective of the political affiliation, Ukrainians have demonstrated to each other and to the whole world their common responsibility for the destiny of the country," he said.

The president's address to the nation was broadcast from the territory of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery and its main Cathedral of the Assumption.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine


Igor Skakovsky said…
United Ukraine is the only way to be. It is obvious to me that EU and Russia are working on splitting Ukraine in halve or three parts. It is so clear and unmistakable work up to the point of no return. The situation is getting heated up under the silenced OK from the biggest player USA. The Ukraine in hands of Ukrainians, be wise, do not let the big guys to screw up a country of 46 million people. Stay strong and united no meter what provocateurs on both sides will do. This fight is not about West verses East it is about Ukraine surviving as country. EU had all the chances to reassure Ukraine of financial support when Russia's protectionism being exposed but, they didn't; Russia on the other hand had a chance to find a solution to the threat of EU products but, it didn't. US on the other hand could pressure IMF to secure another trench of loans to prevent Ukraine from kneeling to Russia but, they didn't.
People of Ukraine make your own conclusions but, what ever you do, who ever you support, whether you are from the Western Ukraine and believe that it is better to suffer hard ship than leave in country with human rights abuses, or whether you are from the East and believe that it is better to straggle longer under discrimination but know that you have job Tomorrow and things will get better one day, STAY UNITED for the sake of Ukraine. This is first time in the history Ukraine exist in its current borders but, it is not the first time Ukrainian people have to suffer. SLAVA UKRAINY, SLAVA GEROYAM. Ukraine stay united and prevent the bigger suffering that is being carefully prepared for you buy big guys. Some of them have direct interest to see Ukraine to be divided and some have "bigger fish to fry" and would simply do nothing to prevent the division of a country.