Ukraine Put To Shame As Ugly Mass Street Brawl Between Rivals Hooligans Unfolds In Broad Daylight

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's reputation for football violence was once again damaged after a shocking video emerged showing a mass brawl between rival hooligans taking place in a high street during broad daylight.

Shocking! A shirtless mob rounds on a rival group in a Ukrainian high street.

It has been reported that the camera phone footage features Metalist Kharkiv ultras joining forces with Spartak Moscow fans (without shirts) to wage war on Dynamo Kiev hooligans.

As traffic trundles past, an orchestrated fight erupts when a mass of shirtless thugs corner a smaller group outside a shop front with blows and makeshift missiles raining down from every direction.

One floored male gets a particularly severe beating with several brutes jumping two-footed onto his head while other victims lay prostrate on the floor.

The brawl lasts for almost two minutes before riot police arrive to disperse the crowd, swinging batons at the shirtless hooligans who refuse to leave the scene and form another stand off that is separated by only a few policeman before both sides eventually flee.

The rivalry between between Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Kyev has always been intense and dates back to when both teams were the leading sides in the former Soviet Top League.

Besides football competition the derby is also political as a part of Russian-Ukrainian relations, especially since 1991 when Ukraine became an independent state with its own football league.

It is the second time this month that football violence in Ukraine has come under the spotlight after a group of England fans were attacked by knife wielding hoodies in the city centre ahead of a World Cup qualifier.

Source: Mail Online