Ukraine Marks 22nd Anniversary Of Independence

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine has marked 22nd anniversary of its independence. Back in 1991, parliament declared sovereignty, following a failed putsch in Moscow.

Now, there are mixed reactions and feelings about the event.

Some are happy, others say they would dreamed on a better situation.

Dressed up in a Ukrainian-style embroidered shirts, jubilant citizens have come out to celebrate.

According to polls, 61 percent of respondents would have supported Ukraine’s independence, while 28 percent would not, if they had had a choice today.

The figure is much less than 90 percent approval of the independence during the 1991 referendum.

Most of the citizens are satisfied with the life they have, but not with the politicians they’ve chosen.

Ukrainians say their trust has been seriously eroded and the country's instability has brought deep disappointment to society.

Traditionally in Ukraine, the date is overshadowed by protests.

This year’s demonstration was called in to defend what’s seen as the country’s political independence which is believed to be affected by economic dependence. 

Many point out to the country’s poor economic performance during the last 22 years.

However they mention that Ukraine has got ahead much more than the rest of post-Soviet countries.

Flying the flags of the state and the one of the European Union, protesters have called on the authorities to stick on the European aspirations, as they believe it is a matter of the existence of Ukraine and may guarantee the country's independence. 

Source: Press TV