Topless Berlin Feminists Protest Ukraine Raids

BERLIN, Germany -- Half-naked feminists took to the streets of Berlin on Thursday morning to protest outside the Ukrainian embassy.

Around half a dozen activists from group Femen were demonstrating against the Ukrainian government cracking down on their activities in the country.

Police raided Femen's headquarters in Kiev on Tuesday and claimed to have found a pistol and a hand grenade.

But Femen denied that there were weapons in their office and claimed police had planted them there.

It prompted the Berlin demonstrators to write slogans across their chests including, "My body is my weapon" and "My boobs, my bombs."

Zana Ramadani, 29, founder of Femen in Germany told newspaper the Bild:

"We planned everything quickly last night and got it organized."

Police looked on as the women walked towards the embassy in central Berlin waving placards and toy guns in a ten-minute protest.

The group staged similar stunts in Brussels and Paris at the same time.

Ukranian police arrested three members of Femen in July after they protested against a visit of Russia's president Vladimir Putin.

The group has targetted Putin since the prosecution of Russian female punk group Pussy Riot last year.

Source: Germany's The Local