Ukraine: Police Break Up Protest Outside President’s Private Residence

KIEV, Ukraine -- Members of Ukraine’s Democratic Party have staged a demonstration outside the residence of President Viktor Yanukovych in a Kiev suburb.

They were protesting against the arrest of 10 of their colleagues who were detained last week in a protest over poor road conditions in Ukraine.

Police were on hand to prevent the rally taking place and local residents also turned up to protest against the protest.

“We came here to show that we can fight our fear, to get arrested. But we have attained our goals,” said one member of the Democratic Alliance.

The local council has blocked all gatherings near the president’s house.

Rodion Starenkiy from the Novi Petrivtsi council explained: “There is a ban on any rallies here, our village council has ruled that peaceful assemblies should be held in certain places, this is a residential area.”

Scuffles ensued and one member of the Democratic Alliance was arrested, but later released.

Source: euronews