Three Israelis Indicted For Importing Prostitutes From Ukraine

HAIFA, Israel -- Two men and a woman were indicted in a Haifa court Thursday for human trafficking and operating a brothel, where they employed women they had persuaded to come to Israel from Ukraine to work as prostitutes.

Two men and a woman were indicted in a Haifa court for human trafficking and operating a brothel in Kiryat Motzkin.

The three - Aleksandr Vitsitsky, 34, of Kiryat Haim, Fadi Huari, 36, of Nazareth and Ivana Kovzer, 26, a Ukraine national - are charged with contacting women in Ukraine and offering them profitable work in Israel as prostitutes.

The defendants found some women on dating sites and others through contact people in Ukraine, whom they paid $1,000 for each woman who came to Israel.

The sexual encounters were held in a brothel they operated in an apartment on 41 Acre street in Kiryat Motzkin, the charges say.

The three defendants were arrested two weeks ago following a Haifa Police investigation.

The police questioned two women who had come from Ukraine in January to work as prostitutes for the defendants.

They recorded the suspects' phone conversations and gathered testimonies from clients who contacted their phones.

The third defendant, Kovzer, came to Israel on a three-month tourist visa with her daughter in June 2012 and moved in with Vitsitsky, whom she had met in Ukraine.

Together they raised NIS 10,000 ($2,700) to develop their illicit business, the indictment says.

Kovzer allegedly contacted women on online Ukraine dating sites and suggested they come to Israel.

Presenting herself as "Alona," she told them they could make good money in prostitution here and that women who had done so returned home happy, the charge sheet says.

Two women allegedly agreed to come to Israel, where Vitsitsky promised them they would work as escort girls and a guard would drive them to their clients for sexual services.

At Kovzer's request the women sent her their photographs.

According to the indictment, he told them the price for a prostitution act in Israel was $150-$250 an hour and they would get to keep half the money they received from the clients.

He also promised the two he would rent an apartment for them to stay in and after they paid him back for the rent, they could rent an apartment at their own expense. 

Vitsitsky and Huari are charged with receiving NIS 100 ($27) for every prostitution act in the brothel.

A fourth defendant involved in the case is in hiding and refuses to turn himself in. 

The prosecutor asked the Haifa District Court Thursday to detain the defendants until the end of the judicial procedures.

Source: Haaretz