Ukraine Becomes Second Post-Soviet Country To Lead The OSCE

KIEV, Ukraine -- Being only the second post-soviet country to lead the OSCE, Ukraine already sets key priorities during its presidency which include strengthening the control over the conventional arms, fight against human trafficking, reducing the impact of energy sector on the environment, and protecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Settling protracted conflicts while leading the 57-nation organization is also Ukraine’s top priority.

As a neighbor, Ukraine has been involved in a 20-year conflict of Moldova and its breakaway province Transnistria.

Moldova’s diplomats hope that Ukraine will leverage its high profile status.

Some observers in Kiev believe that Ukraine is a timid player in international affairs, especially when it affects Moscow’s interests, for example, in energy sphere or Transnistria conflict.

Thus Ukraine’s multi-policy vector may hold back the country’s ambitions.

Experts believe tension between the EU and Russia will put Kiev in a tricky position.

Thus they are trying to keep expectations low, but in the meantime they point that it is only up to the official Kiev, whether the chairmanship of the OSCE in Ukraine will sink into the diplomatic routine, or will it be a chance live up to the credit of trust.

Ukraine will officially present its priorities for the chairmanship at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on January 17.

This will be shortly before Ukraine-EU summit in Brussels on January 25 that many believe will play an important role in Ukraine's decision making.

Source: Press TV