Ukrainian Gas Should Not Be Extracted By Foreign Companies, Says Communist Party Leader

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian gas should not be extracted by foreign companies, Leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko has said.

Communist Petro Symonenko

According to the press service of the Communist Party, Symonenko at a meeting with the members of OJSC Odesagaz in Reni (Odesa region) noted that speaking about the Black Sea shelf we must understand that U.S. and other foreign companies will extract and use gas.

Symonenko specified Ukraine would fully lose control over gas production on the Black Sea shelf.

The politician believes that the country has its own companies, which could develop the Black Sea shelf.

"Actually what is happening now is trading in the interests of Ukraine. Our gas should be produced by our companies," Symonenko said.

He also noted that at present there are two problems with gas prices and tariffs.

First of all, it is an internal problem, said the Communist Party leader.

"We need to do everything possible to move oligarchs from control over Ukraine's gas wells. We have enough gas reserves to use it for your country's needs and not to have problems with inflated tariffs," said Symonenko.

The second problem, in his view, is the revision of relations with Russia.

The Communist Party leader is confident that Ukraine's gas problem will never be solved if the country does not join the Customs Union, the Eurasian Economic Community and completely review its relations with Russia. 

Source: Interfax-Ukraine


Seeker said…
Ok Joy of Joys...the Communist Party that is in bed with the Party of Regions station all this.

And joining the Customs Union to boot.

So the answer to all of the gas problems is to let the Russians (Putin) have more control? To return to being a satellite country of the Soviet Union?

Hey move to Russian you Communist. WE want to be free Ukrainians. WE want the WEST to help us develop our resources not you commies give them to Putin in a one-way customs union agreement.

Hello Communist Party of Ukraine....Ukrainians are NOT STUPID as you think.