Shame Of Euro 2012 Host Ukraine As Footage Shows Baby Bear Being Tortured To Entertain Tourists In Front Of Its Frantic Mother

LUTSK, Ukraine -- Torn away from his mother, and then shoved screaming into a tiny box which is nailed shut - this is what happened to a bear so it could please tourists in Ukraine.

This heartbreaking picture from Lutsk zoo in Ukraine shows a bear cub being torn away from his mother and shoved screaming into a tiny box which is then nailed shut, has been released to start a campaign to have the two reunited.

The heartbreaking footage was released by an Austrian animal charity trying to get the two bears reunited.

The baby bear Nastasia is seen screaming in terror as she is taken away by a photographer who has been using her to make pictures of tourists in the country co-hosting Euro 2012.

The campaigners from Vier Pfoten (Four paws) released the video and want support to pressure the zoo in Lutsk in Ukraine's northern Volyn region to reunite mother and four-month-old cub.

While the youngster is screaming, the mother bear is shown racing around the cage and throwing herself at the metal mesh in a bid to get back to her cub.

The cub is then pushed down into a wooden box still shrieking - and it is nailed shut with a wire cover.

Four Paws spokesperson for Ukraine Dr Amir Khalil said: "The pictures were shot in May this year and they were the most shocking I have seen in my time covering this region".

A baby bear in the wild usually spends two years with its mother.

Taking it away so young would leave the tiny bear traumatized.

In addition being used as a tourist attraction represents a lifetime in torment for the baby bear.

The sale of baby bears to private individuals is supposed to be illegal in the Ukraine.

[ed note: Shame On Ukraine! US President Ronald Reagan was absolutely right when he referred to Ukraine and Russia as the "Evil Empire". Ukrainians continue to show their barbaric inhumanity, in torturing helpless animals. Ukraine should never be allowed to join the civilized European Union. The Four Paws shocking video can be seen at]

Source: Mail Online


sonharium said…
And the thousands of cats aND DOGS SLAUGHTERED TO Clean the image?
That is utterly disgusting.....Why doesnt any talked about it, why that monstruosity didint apper on tv?
WHY WHY WHY???????
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Four Paws can be found at
Nicholas said…
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

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