NATO Set To Support Reforms In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Problems of democratic development and rule-of-law in Ukraine are hindering Kiev's partnership with NATO, a top official from military grouping said.

NATO's Dirk Brengelmann.

Dirk Brengelmann, NATO's Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, said that the Chicago summit held in May sent a powerful signal to Ukraine about selective application of justice and politically-motivated prosecution of opposition leaders.

A lot would depend on what steps Ukraine was going to make to improve the situation, Brengelmann said in an interview published in Ukraine weekly, 'Mirror of the Week', on Saturday.

The autumn elections would also be a difficult test for the Ukrainian authorities for its ability to pass difficult decisions in the context of economic reforms.

Besides, NATO is expecting Ukraine to adopt a number of long-awaited documents on strategic planning to demonstrate the seriousness of intentions of the Ukrainian government in the spheres of defence and security.

Brengelmann also stressed that Kiev was NATO's key partner and that NATO would continue supporting reforms in Ukraine.

Source: ZeeNews