Tymoshenko Daughter To US Congress: Don't Abandon Us

KIEV, Ukraine -- The daughter of Ukraine's detained former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko told US lawmakers Thursday she still feared for her mother's life, and implored them to "keep the pressure" on Kiev to help free political dissidents.

Yevgenia Tymoshenko, daughter of jailed former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, pictured in April 2012. The daughter of Yulia Tymoshenko told US lawmakers Thursday she still feared for her mother's life, and implored them to "keep the pressure" on Kiev to help free political dissidents.

Speaking via live video link from Kiev to a House of Representatives hearing in Washington, Yevgenia Tymoshenko also warned that Ukraine's powerful current rulers will do "anything possible" to manipulate results of the country's upcoming October election.

"I am very afraid for my mother's life now in the hospital," where she is surrounded by medical personnel who are under intense pressure from the regime, Yevgenia told the so-called Helsinki Commission on security and cooperation in Europe.

The opposition leader has been struggling with medical problems and complained over rough handling by her guards.

She briefly went on a hunger strike to protest her detention.

"We are just asking you please to keep the pressure on," Yevgenia said.

"Please don't leave us alone, because in Ukraine there's not enough power in people, not strong enough to fight against this injustice."

Tymoshenko has been imprisoned since August, when she was given a seven-year sentence for abuse of power.

The case has drawn international outrage with observers saying her prosecution was politically motivated.

President Viktor Yanukovych said Tymoshenko and 13 former senior officials from her government had been accused of various crimes.

Yevgenia said a Ukrainian court recently delayed hearing her mother's prison sentence appeal, so her lawyer was now presenting the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

"Those who have been imprisoned absolutely must be released," said Republican Chris Smith, the commission's chairman and a fierce human rights defender.

He told Yevgenia that he was hoping to soon bring a congressional delegation to Kiev, and that he was expecting the United Nations to "robustly" weigh in on Tymoshenko's detention.

The former premier recently had a chance to speak with US officials, her daughter said.

"My mother outlined the critical situation that she is in, legally, politically, medically and in a humanitarian way," Yevgenia said.

She added that her mother had strong worries about the upcoming election.

"The regime has accumulated so much financial power via different schemes (and) they will use this financial resource to do anything possible to falsify the elections," she said.

Also testifying at the hearing was David Kramer, president of democracy advocacy group Freedom House, who led a delegation to Ukraine last month and met with Yanukovych and other officials.

Kramer said the October polls will be "a critical test" of Ukraine's ability to conduct elections which meet the criteria of international monitors.

Source: AFP


Anonymous said…
You folks in the West are such blind bleeding hearts for a pretty blonde that has stolen millions and stashed them in her Swiss accounts.
All they want from her is to return all the money, she would be free the next day.
And of course, her daughter wants all that money too....need I say more ?
Most ukrainians I know, do not feel sorry for her, they know the government loves dollars too.

After many years of allegiance to the United States, the United States government more than owes to supoport the people of Ukraine who still continue to go thru much strife.!
This was esdpecially true after the victorious ORANGE REVOLUTION whne Victor Yuschenko and Yulia Tymoshenko had run in a famous runoff electioin.
UKRAINE-the largest and most powerful of all the break away republics from the former Soviet Union was well on its way to forming new alliances,especially with the west and still maintain relations with its neghbor RUSSIA,
.,..But Russia convinced certain lawmakers and members of the VERKHOVNAZ RADA to work against the basic principles of thew pro west ORANGE REVOLUTION leadership of Yuschenko and Tymnoshenko and thus very little got done and Yanukovich finally got in and made many agreements with Russia but few with Europoean Union.
UKRAINE SOLDIERS have fought wiuth the U..S. and allies in the war against terrorism--THE NENEMY OF THE WORLD and have akways been willing to work swith many goivernments.
NOW..It is time for the UNITED STATES to STAND UPO and support azn ally for has asked for very little other than a favor rturned.
If the United States cannot do that it is ovcerlooking a " most strategic naztioin" in Europe and the world and the people of Ukraine need support from the United States.
Ifr the U.S could helpo countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan--who have never showed much allegiance to the U.S or Europe then something is very-pveyr wrong.
I was base din Ukraine as a news reporter fdor over a year and covered ORANGE REVOLUTION-TERRORISM IN CRIMEA and oter mazjor developomnents.

Most of all...thge United States will start to make major friends and alliances again by helping Ukraine.
WES RODGERSinternational corresspondent!
patriotstv.com newsman007
Jag said…
@ Unknown…..
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“Most Ukrainians’ I know”……..lol…..this is not “RT”, so why don’t you take your BS comments to a Putin owned broadcast that wants the world to think they are a legitimate new source.
The current Ukrainian government loves only one thing and it is not dollars but Putin’s A$$.
The president of Ukraine is a Russian criminal that has no business being the president of my country.