Russia May Expel Three Ukrainian Activists For Topless Act

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russian authorities are planning to expel three activists of Ukraine's Femen movement from the country, a day after they were arrested for their topless act at a polling station where Vladimir Putin had just voted.

FEMEN activist, with the words "I steal for Putin" painted on her body, being arrested.

A local court on Monday sentenced the three up to 12 days of administrative arrests after their semi-nude act at the polling station in southwest Moscow.

The women activists with the words "I steal for Putin" painted on their body burst into the polling station shouting anti-government slogans just minutes after Prime Minister Putin and his wife Lyudmila left the place.

"By having approached the ballot boxes, they stripped to the waist and shouted anti-government slogans painted on their breasts.

The action lasted for several minutes.

The women were taken to a police station," Itar-Tass news agency reported quoting Russian Interior Ministry's press service.

They were sentenced to five, 10 and 12 days of administrative arrest for hooliganism under the Code of Administrative Offences.

"The Russian Federal Migration Service decided that it was undesirable for the Ukrainian women to stay in the Russian Federation.

This decision will make them to leave our country and can be a reason for banning the entry to Russia," said the report.

Source: Press Trust of India