Flight Risk: Daring Kingfisher Returns To The Scene Of The Crime... And Poses In Front Of His Own 'Wanted' Poster

CRIMEA, Ukraine -- For the photographer who captured this amazing image of a kingfisher, it must have seemed too good to be true.

What are the chances? A kingfisher seemingly couldn't resist striking a pose on top of a sign carrying its picture.

The brightly-coloured bird perched on top of its own 'Wanted' poster - mimicking the exact pose as its doppelgänger.

Not only did this inquisitive kingfisher come in for a closer inspection, the obliging bird then put on a dazzling display as he hopped around the sign, seemingly posing for a series of pictures.

It was a stroke of luck for the amateur photographer who left the invitation to a photo shoot in a pond.

Resourceful Tatyana Zherebtsova, 39, rigged up the 'Wanted' poster featuring a photo of a kingfisher and offering a reward for the best photo resulting from the stunt.

After three hours a kingfisher duly arrived and began preening itself on the tree stump.

Amazingly, it appeared to mimic the pose of the kingfisher in the static photograph behind it.

Some might say it was fortuitous timing that the bird landed on the sign when he did.

Cynics, however, could argue the kingfisher was already a regular visitor to the beauty spot meaning it would have only been a matter of time before he stopped by for a look.

Either way, the end result is a stunning - and endearing - photographic feat.

The kingfisher put on his show at an artificial water-pond called Chikurelli, near Lekarstvennoe village, Crimea, in Ukraine.

Tatyana said: 'The kingfisher appeared close to sunset. I was all but ready to give up.'

'I spent a lot of time putting the tree root into the water and placing the poster up, trying not to get it wet, before I settled down to wait.'

'I would have been really happy if I got just one shot of the kingfisher but to get it seemingly posing was amazing.'

'It looked like it understood the sign on the table and was just showing off.'

Source: Mail Online