FEMEN Activists Protest For Girl Raped, Burned, Left for Dead: Corrupt Ukraine Releases Prominent Accused Amidst Outrage

KIEV, Ukraine -- Earlier this week in an abandoned construction site in Nikolaev, Ukraine, an unnamed individual noticed a charred blanket with something moving beneath.

FEMEN protesting in front of the General Prosecutors office of Ukraine in Kiev.

As he approached, horror struck. Contained within the blanket was a badly beaten, raped and charred girl, Oksana Makar.

The man immediately contacted the police who quickly rushed her to the hospital.

Her state was so shocking that the fact she was still alive, and is still alive today, baffled many.

Over 50% of her body was burned, with some of the bones in her lower limbs apparently turned to ash.

After amputating both legs and her right arm, the police were able to get a statement from the girl.

Her story left the entire community in shock.

Oksana Makar, in great detail, relayed the previous evenings events.

While at a club on the previous evening, Oksana had met three boys.

The boys were friendly, gallant and good looking. She immediately clicked with one of them and the evening began to show promise.

Later in the evening, due to commitments the next morning, she decided to go home and the boys offered to walk her home.

It turns out that one of the three boys was her neighbor, so they decided to continue the evening at his place.

While there, after a few drinks, she began to feel sick.

She apparently tripped, at which point the three took turns in raping her.

When the three finished, she was then choked to death, or so the boys had thought.

At this point, the boys decided to dispose of the body by wrapping her in a blanket, carrying her to a nearby abandoned construction site, and setting her ablaze.

This gruesome ordeal was recapped to the police (except for, what happened after the choking), at which point they quickly apprehended the three boys and locked them up.

It turned out that two of the boys were sons of prominent men in Nikoleav.

The first, was the son of the State Ministry of the Interior of the Mykolaiv region.

The second, was the son of the Head of District Administration of the Nikolaev region.

As I have noted many times in the past, corruption runs rampant in Ukraine, so these two boys were quickly released.

The police rationale for this release was that it was made obvious that only one of the three actually raped and burned the girl, the other two tried to stop it.

The remarkable coincidence that the one left charged didn't have a famous father was simply ignored.

Upon their release, protesters quickly hit the streets of Nikolaev.

The fact that these two were about to get away with such a gruesome crime struck a nerve, as can be imagined.

After some protest, the police re-arrested the two freed men.

Of course, they will not admit that this had anything to do with the protest, instead claiming that new evidence came up.

However, the protesters refuse to step down.

They demand harsh punishment for the men and insist that they will gladly dish out the punishment themselves if the police are unwilling.

FEMEN have joined the protest.

Protesting in front of the General Prosecutors office of Ukraine in Kiev, the girls chanted "Death to the sadists!" and "Execute the bastards!".

Likewise, the girls called for Oksana to hold through and live.

FEMEN are outraged by this obvious corruption of justice and are intent on reminding the Prosecutor General that if the government refused to instill justice, the people were all too willing to lynch the bastards themselves.

Such acts of injustice are all too common in Ukraine, with numerous high officials and their kin getting away with murder in the very literal sense.

This protest is aimed at bringing international attention to Oksana Makar's treatment and Ukraine's failure to act.

If enough international attention is given, Ukraine will be left with little recourse than to make examples of these men.

Source: Mizzo


Richard said…
This is utterly disgusting, appalling unbelievable crime. Everyone involved either directly or indirectly should be tried and severely punished. there should not be compassion for such criminal behaviour.
Michael said…
This is rampant unchecked uneducated behavior. They should be hung in the town square. It is time to clean up the gene pool. Let them try again in another life time. First castrated and then hung.