Ukrainian Medics Present Innovative Method To Treat Strabismus

KIEV, Ukraine -- The National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine reports that Ukrainian scientists presented a new way to treat strabismus.

Dr. Vladimir Filatov

It allows for full eyesight restoration in those suffering from such medical condition.

The method involves diagnosing and treating patients with strabismus using micro prism technology.

Ukraine's head ophthalmologist Sergiy Rykov informed that the new method introduced by Ukrainian doctors decreases the number of surgeries needed in case of strabismus to only one, while previously two to three operations were normally executed in order to restore binocular vision.

The innovative method involves using custom made binoculars on strabismus patients.

Diagnostic set for treating strabismus - optical compensators KK-42 - ensued from collaboration of several Ukrainian medical research institutions.

The set significantly decreases the need for surgery and allows for 100 percent binocular vision restoration.

The cost of binoculars made using the new technology varies between USD $37.5o and $75.00, depending on lens sophistication.

Compensators consist of 42 Fresnel lenses (optical devices that appear to be a single piece of glass but actually are comprised of a great number of smaller prisms).

The KK-42 set has been tested in Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine, and received an overwhelmingly positive feedback at every testing institution.

At the moment KK-42 is cleared by Ukrainian authorities for usage in medical practice and is ready for industrial manufacturing.

The National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine plans to prepare a motion to the Ukrainian government for inclusion of a directive on manufacturing and provision of the set to all relevant medical institutions in the country to the National Program Health 2020.

Ukrainian ophthalmological tradition goes back to the achievements of Vladimir Filatov (1875-1956).

The scientist and medical practitioner is known around the world for his significant contribution to medical science and practice, firstly due to his introduction of tissue therapy.

The founder of one of the leading eye care institutes in the world - The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases & Tissue Therapy in Odessa, southern Ukraine, - he invented the tube flap grafting method, was the first to successfully carry out corneal transplantation (keratoplasty), and presented the revolutionary preservation of grafts from cadaver eyes (the technique allows to include cornea to postmortem donorship options list).

Source: Bradenton Herald