Foreign And Ukrainian Doctors Arrive In Kharkiv For Examining Tymoshenko

KHARKIV, Ukraine -- A group of foreign and Ukrainian doctors has arrived in Kharkiv for medical examination of Yulia Tymoshenko, a former prime minister and current leader of the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association party.

Yulia Tymoshenko

The plane carrying the medics landed at 10 a.m.

According to a joint order issued by the Foreign Ministry, Healthcare Ministry and Penitentiary Service, the commission comprises nine Ukrainian, three Canadian and two German specialists.

The commission is headed by first deputy healthcare minister Raisa Moiseenko, its deputy heads are Yevhen Poliakov, chief of the public health and health service support sector of the Human Resourcing and Public Health Service Department of the State Penitentiary Service, and professor Vasyl Netiazhenko, chairman of the internal medicine propaedeutics department Bo.1 at the Bogomolets National Medical University, Corresponding Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences.

The Ukrainian side of the commission is represented by: professor Tetiana Mischenko, chairperson of the cerebrovascular pathology department of the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Neurology and Psychiatrics, the National Academy of Medical Sciences; professor Yevhen Pedachenko, head of a division at the Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery, Corresponding Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences; professor Volodymyr Radchenko, deputy director of the State University of Vertebrology and Articulations Pathology, the National Academy of Medical Sciences; professor Tetiana Tatarchuk, deputy director for scientific work, head of the endocrine gynaecology department at the Institute of Pediatry, Tocology and Gynaecology, Corresponding Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences; Boris Sheiman, Doctor of Medicine, head of the Centre of Toxicology and Extracorporal Methods of Detoxication; and Viktoria Yanovska, head of the Ukrainian reference centre of clinical laboratory diagnostics of metrology.

From the Canadian side general practice doctors George Rewa and Peter Kujtan, and also an obstetrician-gynaecologist Christine Derzko.

From the German side specialists from the institution Charite University Medicine Berlin: its chief executive officer professor Karl Max Einhaeupl, Doctor of Sciences in neurology and professor Norbert Haas, Doctor of Sciences in traumatology.

"We are here on a humanitarian basis. We were welcomed very well, and we will be conducting the research on strictly scientific basis. We proceed from the premise that the Government will make a conclusion judging from the results of this humanitarian mission," Rewa told journalists at the airport.

Moiseenko in her turn stressed that the commission members would conduct only those studies for which Tymoshenko would give her assent.

She says that the ex-prime minister has the right to refuse from being examined by any member of the commission if she desires.

Kujtan says that Canadian specialists when surveying Tymoshenko will stick to the same principles as in their home land.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the State Penitentiary Service, the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have appointed an international medical commission for examining Tymoshenko in Kachanivska women's penal colony No.54 in Kharkiv.

Health professionals from Germany and Canada on February 13 arrived in Ukraine within an international medical team for examining Tymoshenko.

Source: Ukrainian News