Angola: Ukrainian Military Attaché Confident About Strengthening Ties

LUANDA, Angola -- The new Ukrainian military attaché in Angola, colonel Olesksandr V. Galyts, manifested Wednesday, in Luanda, his confidence in strengthening ties between both countries in the military domain.

Olesksandr V. Galyts

Colonel Oleksandr V. Galyts manifested this fact when intervening at a ceremony which served to accredit Ukraine's military attaché in the country, presided over by the director of International Affairs of the Defence Ministry, general José Higino de Sousa "Zé Grande".

The Ukrainian military attaché said also that he hopes his mission be successful, once Angola is an important partner and very interesting for Ukraine.

In turn, gen. José de Sousa Higino "Zé Grande" said he hopes to strengthen the cooperation and establish a more effective and efficient relationship.

Source: Angola Press