EU Food-Quality Control Model To Be Adopted In Ukraine

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Due to the increasing number of food-poisoning cases, the Ukrainian government has decided to create a model for food quality control according to the standards of the European Union.

Ukraine State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service Head Ivan Bisiuk said: "On the model of the EU states, the veterinary service of Ukraine will be able to fully control food quality and safety from fertilising, feeding animals, monitoring pesticide residues and veterinary drugs in animal products to processing animal and vegetable goods, supplies to consumers, controlling logistics chains and sales on the whole territory of the country."

He noted that the reform of the food industry foresees "the creation of a single authorized body on the basis of the State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service".

He concluded: "However, this does not mean that from now on only veterinarians should control herbal products or dietary and baby food. Specialists from other structures will be transferred to the state service with this purpose."

Also Ukraine has demanded an apology from Russia’s chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko for his comments on its new food-quality control system.

Using the experience of “a European micro-state and Caucasian quasi-midget country” is “incorrect and humiliating,” Onishchenko said after Ukraine decided to delegate food-quality monitoring functions to veterinarians, Interfax reported.

Kiev officials have been left guessing what the sanitary chief, often blamed for banning Georgian wine sales in Russia, thought was wrong with European quality standards, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko tweeted.

Source: New Europe