Chernobyl Tours Offered To Euro 2012 Fans

CHERNOBYL, Ukraine -- Tour operators are pitching side trips to Chernobyl to fans who converge on Ukraine for the Euro 2012 soccer tournament this summer.

The ruins of Chernobyl.

Euro 2012 doesn't start until June but tour companies have already begun pitching visits to the shuttered nuclear power plant that exploded in 1986, spewing radiation across the entire area.

Britain's Sunday Mirror said the tours include a visit to the ghost town of Pripyat and a chance to pose for pictures in front of the crippled and now-cold Reactor Number Four.

The radiation levels in Chernobyl have decreased to the point that short visits are possible, and England supporters will be able to do so for 250 pounds ($392.63).

Chernobyl isn't the only Soviet-era attraction awaiting Euro 2012 visitors.

Tourists can also tour old missile silos and even the proverbial salt mines in Donetsk, the town where the British team will be based.

Source: UPI