2012: A EURO Year For UEFA

GENEVA, Switzerland -- UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine is perhaps this year's most eagerly awaited event, yet UEFA's work on the overall well-being of European football is a 12-month affair.

The Olympic Stadium in Kiev will host the UEFA EURO 2012 final on 1 July.

Every four years, the eyes and ears of the world focus on the continent's best national teams and footballers as they convene for the UEFA European Championship.

The occasion rolls around again in 2012.

From 8 June to 1 July, the spotlight will be on UEFA EURO 2012, as 16 teams vie for the coveted title in an event that will bring memorable matches, unforgettable goals and the emergence of a new star or two.

It will be an emotional rollercoaster for the thousands of fans in the stadiums, as well as millions enjoying the action on TV screens and other media outlets throughout the world.

Poland and Ukraine are working flat out to stage a memorable EURO.

The UEFA Executive Committee's decision in 2007 to take the tournament to eastern Europe is being vindicated as the co-hosts carefully put the final touches to their preparations.

The hard work will not only be worthwhile for the duration of the tournament – both countries are putting infrastructures in place for the future.

"The advantage for these two countries," said UEFA President Michel Platini in December, "is that they are making a leap ahead in quality of 30 years into the future, because they are changing communications, roads, motorways, airport terminals."

"They have invested greatly. The EURO will last only three weeks, but all of this will remain for decades afterwards. It's a wonderful thing for the two countries. And if the players play well, it will also be wonderful for football."

A mouth-watering draw in Kiev in December suggests all the ingredients are in place for a tasty tournament.

Yet as soon as the final cheers have died down after the final in Kiev on 1 July, the dial will already be turned firmly towards UEFA EURO 2016 in France.

Source: UEFA