Ecologists Call Upon Authorities To Save Ukraine From Garbage

KIEV, Ukraine -- The scientific council of the All-Ukrainian ecology league held a conference on "Current condition of landfills in Ukraine: ecological, social and economic problems and ways of solving them," ForUm correspondent reports.

Ukraine is facing an ecological collapse.

In particular, according to ecologists' data, about 50 million cu m or 12 million tons of garbage has been accumulated in Ukraine for the last year.

The total area of landfills is 8 thousand hectares.

Ecologists state that a number of unauthorized landfills in Ukraine increases.

There are 23.7 thousand illegal landfills registered for now.

In this connection, the health of population worsens, air, land and waters are polluted.

According to the data, 897 (20%) landfills in different regions of Ukraine do not correspond to minimal norms of security, while 314 (7%) landfills are overloaded.

According to the scientists-ecologists, Ukraine needs additional 670 landfills to satisfy the demand.

"The number of landfills increases annually and those landfills literally eat plentiful lands. We don't have a system of garbage separation, and sanitary and industrial waste are put together, which leads to some kind of fermentation process, unknown for science."

"To what kind of new viruses it will give birth, we just don't know. We have to work out effective measures on garbage recycling, to provide proper financing, to introduce more ecological technologies of waste recycling and to adopt a law on secondary material resources," ecologist Tetiana Timochko says.

Timochko also noted that Europe tries to bring their waste recycling plants on the territory of Ukraine.

"Our authorities present it in a bright wrapping as new ecological projects. For example, Kiev authorities planed to build a waste incinerator in Troeshchina, saying it was nothing but a recycling plant. Only efforts of ecologists and public managed to prevent the construction. The wind rose in that region could lead to pollution of the whole left bank," she said.

In his turn, the head of the Kharkiv ecology organization Serhiy Razmetayev believes Ukrainian parliament must adopt a law, which regulates waste managing. "Without it local authorities will do nothing," he said.

According to him, the majority of Ukraine's landfills have the first class of danger.

"This is all because of indiscriminate dumping wastes. The most dangerous are batteries, electric devices, medical devices, including syringes, biological material after surgery," Razmetayev said.

The head of Ternopil ecological department Stepan Vadzyuk supported his colleague saying "at least, it is unethical when homeless dogs are carrying amputated arms and legs in their teeth."

"Four medical enterprises were deprived of licenses, and the third of medical institutes got a warning in connection with such accidents," he added.

The ecologists also noted that according to their data, 20 enterprises of Ukraine exceed their pollution quotas by 20 times, but hide these figures and report different numbers.

"In fact Ukraine uses its pollution quota over and above, but somehow we manage to hide this data and even dare to sell allegedly unused one," Timochko states.

Taking into account the above mentioned the ecologists called upon the parliament to work out effective measures to prevent Ukraine from diving deeper into an ecological disaster.

Source: Forum