Ukraine: Ruslana Concludes Video Recordings

LVIV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ruslana, went back to her hometown in Ukraine for the video shootings of her upcoming single entitled Shalala.


The new video clip was shot in the Market Square of Lviv and will feature a spectacular flash mob by the dancing crew of the popular TV show Maydans.

Ruslana is still aiming for the European spot light following her Eurovision victory back in 2004.

After recording duets with T-Pain and Missy Elliot and signing a contract with Warner Music label, the Ukrainian super star is preparing the release of her newest English language album.

In the meantime, the music video for her upcoming single Shalala was shot in her hometown Lviv.

"Song under the simple title Shalala - emotional, impressionable and sensitive", says Ruslana's husband and producer Oleksandr Ksenofontov.

"The plot - so the girl gets into the eclectic town, like the Lions. She invents her dance and begins to teach this moves to the people around her. Anyone who is near Ruslana sees this dance in their own way and show how it can bring. In the end all together come up with the same choreography. "

The new video clip involves a flash mob choreographed by the same person who was responsible for the first season of the popular Ukrainian dancing show Maydans and it was directed by Dimitry Petrutov.

Ruslana's appearance in orange colors and candid suit a la Amazon, with artistic tattoos to the whole hand and bright red locks of hair will make her stand out of the crowd in the flash mob.

Ruslana won the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with her self composed song Wild Dances.

Since then, she also won a World Music Award and her albums went platinum in several countries across the European continent.

Source: esctoday