Ukraine Police Detain Nationalists Protesting Annual Jewish Pilgrimage

UMAN, Ukraine -- Riot police have detained about 100 activists of Ukraine’s nationalist party who protested the annual pilgrimage of Hasidic Jews in southern Ukraine.

Riot police detain a demonstrator during a rally of protest against pilgrimage of Hassidic Jews in the town of Uman, 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of Ukraine’s capital Kiev, Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011.

About 300 supporters of the nationalist party Svoboda, or Liberty, demanded that Hasid Jews not be allowed to gather in the town of Uman, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) south of the capital.

Close to 30,000 Hasidic Jews from around the world are expected in Uman this week to celebrate Rosh Hoshana at the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, who died in 1810.

The protesters shouted “Ukraine for Ukrainians” at Sunday’s rally.

Source: AP


Juju Sharma said…
I am totally against what all these police does.