Kiev Should Be Considered As Future EU Member Says Azarov

YALTA, Ukraine -- Kiev's accession to the European Union in the future is inevitable and should be reflected in the political association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Saturday.

Mykola Azarov

Kiev intends to integrate with Europe and plans to sign a political association agreement by the end of 2011, which will lead off formation a free trade area with EU.

However, Europe still undecided whether to include the prospect of Ukraine's membership in the EU in the association agreement or not, which in fact is just a bureaucratic dispute, said Azarov.

"We definitely need to include, if we think about the future. Let's remember what China was 30 years ago, and then look for at least 10 years ahead. Ten years later, our current disputes would seem absolutely pointless. But we have to finish this discussion," said Azarov.

Source: RIA Novosti