Jennifer Lopez's First Post-Split Gig -- Ukraine Over 'American Idol'

HOLLYWOOD, USA -- Jennifer Lopez has seemingly mapped out her first major gig since her split from Marc Anthony was announced, but it is not going to be somewhere that anyone in America can see her.

Jennifer Lopez

According to new reports, the "American Idol" judge will be taking off to Ukraine next week for a private concert, at a wedding, someone that an incredibly rich person has decided to pay $1 million to have. (Lopez's rep confirmed that the concert was happening, but not the price.)

Lopez is not going to be in the country a long time, but it may come as a welcome reprieve rather than stay in the United States and deal with frequent questions about what went wrong with Marc. No one has spoken out yet about the reasons behind the split, and it's possible we may never know all of the details.

Even though Lopez has still not actually confirmed her "Idol" future, is she making the right move in going overseas?

Source: Examiner