Homeless Animals Poisoned To Death In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has recently seen a dramatic jump in the number of animals poisoned to death.

Homeless dogs in Kiev

Residents of one district in Kiev are calling in between six and eight such cases to the Humane Society every day.

That's a major jump from a few years ago, when they reported only one case in three months.

Asia Sierpinskaya, President, Kiev Society of Animal Welfare says "poisoning with isoniazid has become increasingly popular. This is a drug that is freely available in all pharmacies. It is also called tubazid. For people it's a medicine, but for animals it's a terrible poison. The animal dies within 30 minutes in horrible pain: the bloody foam, terrible cramps."

It is impossible to determine who's poisoning the animals, but animal-welfare advocates blame the government for the problem.

They say that the authorities have not built additional animal shelters.

And if things don't change, animal-welfare activists promise protests.

Tamara Tarnavsky, President, Society for Animal Welfare «SOS» says "if the government does not heed the opinion of animal rights defenders and the normal citizens in this country and abroad, we will initiate a broad protest abroad at Ukrainian embassies in European capitals."

The city runs only one shelter. But animals rights activists set up and manage such facilities by themselves.

Asia Sierpinskaya has been running an animal shelter in a village near Kiev on her own for over 10 years.

And she's been footing the bill for it herself.

About 500 dogs and one hundred of cats have found a home there.

And new animals are continuously being brought in.

Asia Sierpinskaya added "often dogs dumped in the woods go towards the sound of traffic. Some get to the road and wander along it, or even crawl on the road. We stop and collect these dogs and, of course, take them to a shelter."

Here they are fed, sterilized and treated.

Asia Sierpinskaya says "we do the treatments ourselves because the shelter doesn't have the resources for a regular salary for a doctor."

Asia isn't counting on much help from city officials. But City Hall is now considering allocating land for a new shelter for homeless animals.

Source: NTD Television


Nicholas said…
Acts of intentional animal cruelty are strong indicators of serious psychological problems in a society. There is an intrinsic link between battered pets and battered women and children. It is a well known fact that there are high incidents of battered women in Ukraine.
Anonymous said…
It's accepted that serial killers begin as animal abusers.