Georgian Embassy In Ukraine Fires Employee For Insulting Journalists

TBILISI, Georgia -- The Georgian Embassy to Ukraine condemns the recent incident at a protest rally in front of the Embassy on July 18, 2011, when an embassy guard physically assaulted the people and photographer who were gathered, the Georgian Foreign Ministry reported.

Georgian Embassy guard who assaulted FEMEN protesters and journalists.

"The Georgian Embassy wishes to apologize to all concerned - those who attended the gathering, journalists, and the Ukrainian people - for this deplorable incident, and, in addition, wishes to state that the guard in question has been dismissed from his post", the ministry’s report reads.

On Monday, the Ukrainian media reported that a Georgian embassy member beat Alexander Yamkov, a journalist from "Kommentarii", during a FEMEN protest outside the Georgian embassy in Kiev.

Activists carried a dramatic protest "Photohunt" against the detention of photographers in Georgia who have been accused of spying.

Semi-naked demonstrators protested with fake cameras and the words "press" stamped on their underpants.

They were carrying placards which depicted a crossed-out camera and the words "No photo - no democracy".

The man emerged from the embassy and began to disperse activists, pushing their hands, and then verbally abusing and physically beating the reporters, demanding that they stop taking photos.

Source: Trend


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