Crimea City Mayor Orders Blacks Off Black Sea Beach

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine -- The mayor of Ukraine's Crimean city of Feodosia, Alexander Bartenev, has demanded that black men selling souvenirs and other knickknacks to tourists be banned from the beach, the local Kafa newspaper reported on Friday.

A Black Sea beach in Feodosia.

Crimea is a popular vacationing area on the Black Sea coast.

"There must not be a single Negro there! They hit on passersby and won't let the young pretty girls get around them," Bartenev was quoted as saying during a meeting of the Feodosia city executive council.

Deputy Mayor Vasiliy Ganysh told RIA Novosti by telephone that Bartenev had summoned the heads of city law enforcement agencies and ordered them "to stop the activity of African nationals on the city embankment."

"These people - seven men - call themselves refugees; the term of their legal presence in Ukraine expires on August 12. They have already broken residence regulations in Ukraine and were fined for that," Ganysh said.

Source: RIA Novosti