Court Rules To Expel Meshkov From Ukraine

CRIMEA, Ukraine -- The District Administrative Court of Crimea on Wednesday ruled to expel former Crimean President Yuriy Meshkov from Ukraine, the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has told Interfax-Ukraine.

"The District Administrative Court supported an SBU resolution to expel Meshkov from Ukrainian territory and restrict his entry for five years," the press center said.

During the court hearing, the SBU demanded that Meshkov be expelled from Ukraine due to the fact that he made statements indirectly calling for a change in Ukraine's constitutional system.

An SBU representative said that the security service had not demanded that a criminal case be opened against the former Crimean president, because he did not call for a change in the constitutional system by violent means.

Meshkov was elected Crimean president on January 30, 1994. Almost for the whole term in office, he was in conflict with the Crimean Supreme Council.

In March 1995, the conflict escalated rapidly and nearly led to armed clashes. Kiev intervened in the situation.

On March 17, 1995, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine cancelled the Crimean constitution and about 40 laws, including on the institution of the presidency in Crimea.

After that, Meshkov went to Moscow, where he lives until now and works as a professor at a Moscow university.

On July 2, 2011, Meshkov arrived in Crimea. He said that his arrival was prompted by the death of his former wife in May 2011.

At a press conference on July 7, he urged the holding of a referendum in the autonomy in order to restore the Crimean constitution of 1992, which in fact was the constitution of a sovereign state.

He also stressed the need to change the government in Crimea.

Crimean Prime Minister Vasyl Dzharty said that such statements by Meshkov could serve as the reason to launch criminal proceedings against him.

Source: Interfax