Chernobyl Workers Protest Benefit Cuts In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Some 2,000 Chernobyl cleanup workers and other Ukrainians affected by the 1986 nuclear disaster have rallied in front of the presidential office to protest benefit cuts.

Part of the 60,000 "liquidators" sent in to clean up the radioactive debris on the roof of Chernobyl reactor number 4. Many have already died from radiation exposure. Those living, are getting by on miserly pensions, which the government wants to cut.

The protesters, many wearing Chernobyl worker medals, shouted "Down with the authorities!" and waved black flags depicting a skull inside an atom.

Organizers said the current 764 hryvna ($95 or euro70) pensions received by workers who cleaned up radioactive waste after the nuclear power plant explosion will be cut by 30 percent.

Monthly benefits of about 5 hryvna ($0.62) for living in contaminated areas and free or low-cost trips to clinics are being virtually liquidated, they say.

The government of President Viktor Yanukovych has slashed spending in the wake of the global financial crisis in order to qualify for International Monetary Fund aid.

Source: CNBC


How do you think Yulia Tymoshenko would have handled this situation?
Nicholas said…
Yulia would not cut benefits for the Chernobyl workers. Yulia could have been elected President. Unfortunately, she let her ego get in the way.
Anonymous said…
Yushchenko also got in Yulia's way by urging his supporters to vote for "none of the above." That assured Yanukovich's victory...