'Captain America' Retitled In Some Countries

HOLLYWOOD, USA -- Apparently, there are some countries that don’t like the U.S. very much.

Photo from "Captain America" movie.

Paramount took this into consideration and renamed Captain America: The First Avenger simply The First Avenger for release in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.

Of course, other factors come into play, including marketing value due to culture and politics.

This practice is by no means unique to this type of situation.

Many movies released in other nations are renamed to better suit the culture, and because many things are Lost in Translation (which, in Poland, was retitled Between the Words).

So, what’s more surprising than the three countries for which the title was changed is the slew of countries in which it was retained.

Apparently, the brand value of the title “Captain America” maintains a virile strength overseas, or so Paramount suspects.

What the heck, I’m feeling some leftover patriotism from yesterday.

First Avenger comin' atcha, Planet Earth.

Source: HollywoodCom