United States Calling On Ukraine To Enhance Combating Human Trafficking

WASHINGTON, DC -- The United States call on Ukraine to enhance combating human trafficking, report of the US State Department on human trafficking reads.

According to the report, Ukraine is a country-source, transit country for human trafficking and is increasingly becoming a country where people are forced to labour and sexual exploitation.

The State Department documented that Ukrainians are sold to Russia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Britain, Israel, Greece, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Lebanon, Benin, Tunisia, Cyprus, Aruba, Equatorial Guinea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Slovakia, Syria, Switzerland, United States, Canada and Belarus.

Ukrainian women are forced to engage in prostitution, domestic slavery, forced labor in the service industry, textile and light industry, men are forced to use as low-skilled labor in the construction industry (e.g., Russia), agriculture, as sailors, children are forced into prostitution and begging.

The number of cases in 2010 increased compared to 2009.

At the same time, the State Department said that three were also documented cases of forced labor and prostitution of foreigners, especially citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic and Pakistan.

According to the United States, the Ukrainian authorities have made insufficient efforts to meet minimum standards in combating human trafficking, in particular, are not taken sufficient action to condemn the government officials involved in these crimes.

At the same time the State Department says that in 2010 compared with 2009 has slightly increased disclosure in cases of trafficking in persons, in particular, was sent to court 110 cases compared with 80 in 2009.

The United States recommends that Ukraine strengthen the prosecution of government officials complicit in trafficking, strengthen measures for the rehabilitation of victims of trafficking and consider establishing a fund for these purposes from funds seized from convicted traffickers, to enact appropriate legislation to combat human trafficking and a national action plan.

Source: Ukrainian News