Russia Wants Clarity On Ukraine's Accession To Customs Union, Without Putting Pressure On Decision-Making, Says Russian Ambassador To Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Russia does not insist on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union, but would like to see a clear position from Ukraine on this issue, according to Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov.

Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov.

"Believe me, Russia does not insist on any of the possible answers. Russia just wants this issue to have some clarity," he said while answering questions from journalists on Friday.

According to Zurabov, Ukraine's participation in the Customs Union involves the creation of a common market and the removal of restrictions on access to goods.

The ambassador noted that if Ukraine does not intend to participate in the customs union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, it would mean that Ukraine plans to create such a common market with Europe.

According to him, as soon as Russia gets clarity in this issue, Russia will have an opportunity to upgrade its technical complex with the support of other forces and countries.

In this case, Zurabov said, "Russia will spend, like China, huge amounts of money on technological and structural modernization."

Source: Interfax