Ukraine's President Backs Use Of Red Army Flags To Mark World War II Victory

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's Kremlin-friendly President Viktor Yanukovych has vowed to sign into law a bill returning the Soviet Red Army flag as an official World War II victory celebration banner.

Communist flag

Parliament last month passed the bill that calls the hammer-and-sickle flag a symbol of the collective Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, which is commemorated May 9.

Yanukovych said Wednesday he'd sign the bill as soon as it landed on his desk.

It was unclear if that would be in time for this year's celebration.

The law would allow the flag to be hung from government buildings alongside Ukraine's national yellow-and-blue banner.

Pro-Western officials say the flag symbolizes the totalitarian Communist regime.

But pro-Moscow factions, including Yanukovych, believe it honours the millions of Soviet soldiers who fought and died.

Soure: AP