Ukraine Must Choose Between Economic Blocs - Mr Medvedev

KIEV, Ukraine -- Mr Dmitry Medvedev president of Russian Federation said that his government won’t accept Ukrainian attempts to integrate economically in both the European Union and the Customs Union.

Dmitry Medvedev

Mr Medvedev said that “Ukraine can’t be everywhere. Either there or there. You can’t sit on two chairs. You need to make some kind of choice.”

He delivered his statement after Mr Viktor Yanukovych president of Ukrainian declared on April 7 his 3+1 policy with the Customs Union which implied some form of partial membership with the three other members Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Such statements are unlikely to affect Ukraine’s pursuit of an EU Free Trade Agreement.

The Russian government is eager for Ukraine to join the Single Economic Space and Customs Union, applying public pressure particularly among the president’s electorate in eastern and southern Ukraine to produce the desired result.

The Yanukovych administration is struggling to balance both Western and Russian oriented business interests in Ukraine.

Phoenix Capital analyst said “The government isn’t likely to commit to the Customs Union on Moscow’s terms in the near term, even amidst such pressure, because the nation’s biggest businesses are export oriented and want to expand into the EU marketplace, among the worlds largest.”

Source: Steel Guru


Lowell said…
Wow! Medvedev sure is arrogant! And I thought Westerners had a reputation for that.

Yes, I understand the history of Ukraine; but, I'm not sure the Russian leadership realizes that Ukraine is an independent country (no matter the historical and cultural ties).

I am under the impression that Russia wants to have a working relationship with Europe as well. However, to insist that Ukraine can only do so through Russia is totally ridiculous.

I hope that the Russian people of Ukraine are more interested in the idea of all of Ukraine exporting to the world independently. If not, perhaps they should go back to "wonderful Russia."

Just my humble opinion (well... perhaps not humble).